A few links

Yves Costel’s free bridge playing program. Computer Bridge world champion 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2016. I use WBridge5 to find interesting games for BridgeThink, and to see how the program plays deals that I failed to win at the table (as a rule, WBridge5 does much better), and quite simply, when I have some time to spare.

Double Dummy Solver:
Bo Haglund’s DDS program. Bo’s DDS drives BridgeThink’s play and I am grateful for his making it available on line, free.

a program to find the best line for suit combinations.

Eddie Kantar Bridge:
a fantastic bridge resource, highly recommended.

Computer bridge programs:
Interesting information on Wikipedia.

Bridge champions:
On ClaireBridge, a fine collection of pictures and interviews of bridge champions (French).