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– Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
– Pentium III processor or above,  and some 12 MB disk space
No Mac or iPad version, sorry about that.

Click on the link below to download the latest version, dated April 28, 2018.
There has been a substantial reorganization of the deals in this version.

BridgeThink v.542 3.06 MB click here to download (.exe)

– Uninstall any  previous version before installing a new copy
(Control panel, Uninstall a program)
– Important: Accept the default installation directory
(generally C:\BridgeThink)

bookmark_borderA few links

Yves Costel’s free bridge playing program. Computer Bridge world champion 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2016. I use WBridge5 to find interesting games for BridgeThink, and to see how the program plays complex deals that I failed to win at the table (as a general rule, WBridge5 does better), and quite simply, when I have some time to spare.

Double Dummy Solver:
Bo Haglund’s DDS program. Bo’s DDS drives BridgeThink’s play and I am grateful for his making it available on line, free.

a program to find the best line for suit combinations.

Eddie Kantar Bridge:
a fantastic bridge resource, highly recommended.

Computer bridge programs:
a history.

Bridge champions:
a fine collection of pictures and interviews of bridge champions.

bookmark_borderBridgeThink, Contract Bridge training software.

Welcome to BridgeThink! the website is undergoing maintenance, sorry if all the content isn’t readily available.
For any info, please write to me directly :

to download BridgeThink : visit this page

BridgeThink is a contract bridge tutorial and training program. The deals can be played  freely against the computer, and then following a required and annotated sequence.

  • You will find over 800 deals featuring dummy and defence play, as well as quizzes, card combinations, 2nd hand or 3rd hand play.

BridgeThink is free.  You can download the program, install it and play.  I can only hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed developing it.

Let me have your comments, deal suggestions. Just send me a mail when you have a chance.

Feedback from some users :

Sandy. USA, 2017-03-01
Love this program.

Jamie, USA, 2016-07-31
I’ve written before, but wanted to write again to say thank you for all the hard work you must have put into such an amazing training program. I appreciate and I talk of it often.

S.T., Ireland. 2013-05-28
I discovered your great Bridge Program last night and have really enjoyed the first 25 hands. I have been playing the game for over 40 years now and in my opinion this is an outstanding contribution to the sport. Bravo!!
This program is exactly what I need to improve my game. Merci mille fois.

D.C., Australia. 2013-03-14
Dear Andre, Congratulations! A wonderful contribution to Bridge.

E.W.,  Switzerland. 2010-03-01
Dear Andre, your programme is MADE FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME!
The only problem is that I play with it instead of doing my work.